JCom Employment changes to Jewel

JCom Employment changes to The Jewel Foundation

March 2017

The Jewel Foundation was recently established to continue the work of JCom Employment Agency which has been supporting the Manchester Jewish Community with employment support since 2008. The change to JEWEL, which is a registered charity, reflects the increase in support to the existing employment services and the start of comprehensive business start up support and training opportunities.

In an open letter to the Community the team at Jewel explained that all of JCom's services will continue as was, with exciting new projects to be shortly launched to enhance the economic development of the Community.

The JEWEL Foundation recognises that the whole community will be increasingly impacted by the introduction of Universal Credit a key objective of the foundation is to increase training and employment opportunities for the Community, as well as providing business support and mentoring.

The trustees of The JEWEL Foundation express deep appreciation to Norman Younger who co-founded JCom Employment Services and who has ensured the continuation and development of employment services for the Community.

The JEWEL Foundation looks forward to building the economic sustainability of the Community and welcome any feedback or suggestions from residents.